Last-Minute Birth Support

Are you realizing you (or your partner) would benefit from a birth doula right away?

Call or Text 902-877-9623 to arrange last-minute birth support

I am offering last-minute doula services in Halifax Regional Municipality & surrounding areas to those who unexpectedly want support.

Sometimes people enter their last trimester with a "we'll just wing it" approach. Things can change!

  • sometimes people deal with *days* of prodromal labour where everyone is exhausted; a fresh & knowledgeable birth doula can relieve the birth partner and offer some comfort measures & emotional support
  • sometimes an active-duty CAF member is called away, and even with family or close friends nearby there might be some gaps in support
  • sometimes babies come early and take everyone by surprise
  • sometimes there is just a moment of clarity late in the pregnancy where you feel that professional support would help get you closer to the most fulfilling birth possible

A doula can help even if the birthing person didn't anticipate wanting one earlier in pregnancy.

In a perfect world, a birthing person gets to hire a doula in advance, allowing for all the education and relationship-building that comes with multiple prenatal visits. But it's not too late! 

A doula's trademark is a calming presence, which can help shift the trajectory of a birth experience, even if things have already started.

As you may have seen on the Birth Support page, I typically only take one client per month. This leaves me with some flexibility to assist last-minute clients. If you still have a week or two before you are due, reach out to me and we will do our best to get at least one prenatal appointment in.

If you're already in labour, simply call me immediately at 902-877-9623. I am connected with a handful of Doulas that completed their DONA International training with me that have agreed to come together & offer this. 

The Details

Last-Minute Birth Support Rates ranges between $150 - $600
It is $50 per hour, with a minimum spend of $150 up to a maximum of $600.

I cannot guarantee availability with this option. If my existing client for that particular month happens to go into labour at the same time, I will do everything in my power to get a backup doula for you... however I *will* leave your birth and attend a pre-booked client’s birth if called. As always, we will do a free consultation and see if we are the right fit for each other.

Again - If you or your partner is currently in labour, call or text 902-877-9623